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Beveled Blank Shape Analysis System CA-11

Shape analyses of beveled blanks are accurately possible at a 0.1 micrometer order. Parallelism and thickness variations of thin polished blanks can be measured. Optional features are as * marked.

* Detection of mechanically distorted level produced by polishing

* TV-5 flatness measurements for wafers

* Inverted mesa / plano-convex measurement

Plano-Convex Blank Shape Analysis System CA-12

Bevel Blank Sorting System CC-21

Blank Size/Thickness Measuring System CA-13

Quartz Crystal Wafer
Thickness Measuring System CA-15

Measuring resolution at 0.01

Available checking for lapped or polished wafers

So simple operation, just pressing of start button !

Quartz Crystal Blank Flaw Detection SystemsCC / CF series


Flaw detection system using a CCD camera for various types and/or wide ranges of blanks


Oscillation check and 24 sorting functions are added to CC-01 flaw detection system


Specially designed for HC-49/US & UM-5/4 blanks, simply operated, nearly adjust free, yet highly reliable flaw detection for both surfaces by 2 cameras (crack detection reliability at more than 99.9%), at a low price

Quartz Crystal Blank Directional Order System   BP-01

For an extra small blank like a 0.9x1.0mm, with our leading edge image data processing technology, the system recognizes a piece of blank among many blanks randomly placed, picks it up and feeds it out in a uniform direction. No new damage is produced as no vibration feeding is adopted. Processing time (tact) is typically 3 sec. per piece.

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